Three Kinds/Colors Of Window Tinting And Why You May Want Them

11 July 2016
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Window tinting has become a very popular auto accessory for various reasons. Privacy may be a leading reason, but typically that only applies to the dark applications of smoky gray or black tinting. Here are some more kinds and colors of window tinting and why you might choose each of these.

Soda Pop Bottle Green

Soda pop bottle-green creates a nostalgic effect on car windows. It is particularly nice if you have a vintage or antique vehicle since it is reminiscent of the older time periods for these vehicles. The green tinting is also very calming; green has long been associated with calming nerves and calming the digestive system. Ergo, if you frequently get upset or have motion sickness when traveling in a car, you might want to give the green-tinted windows a try to see if it soothes your road rage nerves or alleviates some of the nausea you feel.

Pale Blue

Pale blue glass may help decrease the absorption of certain wavelengths of light, which means that your car's interior may be less hot or less affected by some of the damaging rays of the sun. It is not a total sun blocker, however. Some people also like the soft blue tint in their windows because it does not totally discolor what they see as they drive along. Additionally, it helps cut some of the glare of the sun, making it easier to see out the window on hot summer days.

Clear Silver-Reflective

Windows can also undergo a tinting process that makes them highly reflective. For the most part, your windows look like clear glass and you can see right through them on the inside as well as the outside of the vehicle. However, at certain angles, the windows may look slightly opaque and silvery, revealing the reflective properties of these particular windows. If you live in a very wintry place (such as Canada), then the reflective properties are nice to have because they double as a distress signal in the event that your vehicle gets stranded in a blizzard in the middle of nowhere and you cannot call for help.

Why You May Want These Window Tintings

Usually, only one color of window tinting can be applied to your windows. The benefits of each as they are listed above will help you select the one window tint which you may find most appropriate and/or beneficial to you. Ask your auto dealer or auto body technician for samples of treated glass if you cannot quite make up your mind. Contact a business, such as Icon Tinting & Graphics, for more information.