A Guide To Coating Tint, Paint Jobs, And Boat Storage

6 May 2017
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If you want your boat to look great on the water, there are some cosmetic strategies you can follow that will protect its value. You will want to look into things like marine tinting, a fresh coat of paint and protective measures that will protect your latest clean and wax job. With this in mind, factor in these strategies so that your boat is a pleasure to own for many years. 

#1: Find a shop that can provide you with a coating tint

Because you will be spending so much time out on the water and subject to the conditions of the sun, one of the best things you can do is apply a coating tint to your boat This tint will allow you to increase your visibility and keep your boat interior cool in the process. For best results, you should look into getting a glare block tint which will let you stay out in your boat for hours without the sun and its reflection off of the water becoming unbearable. Make sure that you look into specifications on this coating, such as ultraviolet radiation control, privacy with dark shading and a coat that controls the way that the glass would break upon impact. These protective coatings will provide an excellent investment into your boat.

#2: Get a fresh coat of paint

In terms of your boat's thermal control and overall appearance, there is nothing better than a new paint job. Shop around with a few shops that can provide you with the paint job that will make your bold look brand-new. Look into the materials of the paint as well as the color so that you are matching effectiveness with aesthetics. For instance, a urethane paint job can last 15 years or more. A fresh coat of paint, along with a marine window tint can truly revolutionize your boat.

#3: Keep your boat out of the elements when not in use

Boat storage will allow you to protect any work done and keep your boat viable for many years. The best form of storage comes by contracting with a company that provides you monthly mooring. The form of storage can cost upwards of $1000 per month, so be sure that you set aside some money in your budget for it. Be sure that the company that stores your boat is credible and ask for some references from other boat owners.

By these three tips to get the best from your boat. For more information, you will want to get in contact with a company such as Sun Stoppers.