How To Apply Car Window Tint Coatings

26 May 2017
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Car window tint coatings provide a high degree of privacy and UV protection to you while driving. However, in order for car window tint coatings to be completely effective, they need to be properly installed. Thankfully, the installation process for car window tint coatings is fairly straightforward and requires no specialized tools.

Before You Begin

Gather all of the materials and tools that you will be using during the installation process to speed it up as much as possible. You'll need a sponge, a razor blade or utility knife, a lint free rag, a squeegee, and a bucket filled with warm, soapy water, as well as the window film itself. All of these items can be found at most hardware or auto supply stores if you don't already own them.

Installing Car Window Tint Coatings

Firstly, clean off the entire window using the warm soapy water and squeegee. You will also want to use the utility knife to scrape off any caked on debris which may be stuck to the rubber edges of the glass.

You'll then want to unroll the liner over the window itself, the non-adhesive side to the glass. Leave an extra inch around the edges so that the entire surface area of the window is covered. You will then be able to trim down the window film to match the glass underneath using the utility knife.

Start by trimming the vertical sides of the window film coating first, since they're a little easier and will give you a little experience on how to cut the film. Take care to not use too much pressure, as you can scratch the glass underneath. Then, repeat the same process for the top of the liner.

Now, take the film off of the window, open the door and begin to actually apply the liner to the window's inside. Take off the film's liner to expose the adhesive, and align the liner with the glass based on the trimming that you already did.  Roll down the window an inch or two before you begin. It's easier to start at the bottom of the coating, and work your way to the top

Once the film has been applied to the glass, use the squeegee to apply pressure to the coating, working from the middle of the window outwards. Roll the window up as needed to fit the bottom edge of the film onto the glass, tucking any excess film that falls below the edge of the glass under the inside gasket.