Rollout Quicker With The Benefits Of A Rolling Tarp System

25 June 2018
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Truck driving is a job that comes with as many pros as it does cons. On the plus side, truckers can see new sights as they travel along. They can also make decent wages if they manage to stick to strict deadlines. Unfortunately, trucking can often mean feeling pressured into meeting tight deadlines, losing sleep, and working long hours, days, or even weeks on the road.

All in all, the demands of the job combined with various other factors have led to a shortage in the industry. Though there are still truckers holding strong, they are also dealing with struggles. Increased demands and not enough drivers to go around have put pressure on truckers still active in the industry.

As such, many truckers are trying to find ways to get their loads delivered as quick as possible. The goal is to get a load from point A to point B so they can hurry to grab their next load. After all, more loads mean more miles, and more miles mean more money. One way to increase the number of loads a driver can haul includes the use of a rolling tarp system.

Throw Tarps

Most commonly, truckers will use throw tarps to cover cargo loads. A throw tarp is a standard tarp that is large enough to cover the cargo area. Unfortunately, a tarp is often large, heavy, and stiff, making it difficult to toss over the cargo area. The word "toss" is rather deceiving, too. The driver cannot simply toss the tarp over the load and go.

Instead, a toss tarp takes a lot of time. The driver must carefully maneuver the tarp manually over the load. He or she then must secure the tarp in place using several straps or bungees. Unfortunately, the tarp is susceptible to tears, and rips. You may also run into the possibility of the straps or bungees coming loose.

Time Reduction for Increased Pay

If you have to stop to replace a damaged tarp or re-secure it in place, you are losing time, miles, and money. Put simply, truckers have different ways they can get paid. Hourly pay is a traditional pay system that is familiar to most men and women who work a standard part-time job. 

Truckers, on the other hand, are typically paid per mile. Per mile pay may include:

  • Practical Mileage
  • Household Good Mileage
  • Hub Mileage

Essentially, the more time a trucker spends on the road, the more money he or she makes. That means truckers who efficiently load cargo, haul it to a specific destination, and unload it will make more money. Efficient truckers often pick up more loads than those who work inefficiently, which also increase the trucker's pay.

Rolling tarp systems help save plenty of time in comparison to manual tarp systems. You can secure a rolling tarp over your load in just a few minutes. Securing manual tarps, on the other hand, may take a half hour or more, and that does not include the time it takes to undo the straps and bungees so you can unload.

Decreased Pressure

Demanding deadlines often put truckers in a tight spot. They feel as though they have to sacrifice something in order to get a cargo load to a specific destination on time. Perhaps they sacrifice the chance to stop and eat or an opportunity to sleep. Either way, the weight that it puts on a trucker's shoulders is often felt, especially when they have to waste time adjusting a manual tarp.

Since rolling tarp systems help save time, it gives truckers more wiggle room so they can take care of themselves and focus a little less on their load. Another demand truckers face is ensuring the cargo arrives in tip-top shape. Tarps help protect cargo from the elements, which prevents damage.

Unfortunately, manual tarps are prone to tears and rips because straps and bungees are not always reliable enough. Rolling tarps fit snugly around the load so you do not have to worry about rips and tears as much. In other words, you face the decreased pressure and stress of worrying about the condition of the goods you are hauling.

Overall, rolling tarp systems seem to be a good way to improve various aspects of a truck driver's job. Increased pay and less pressure are something many truck drivers seek. The fact that a rolling tarp system can provide that is why they are worthy of consideration.